keiko akiko

keiko akiko times

keiko and akiko met each other when akiko was working for 14 months in Tokyo back in 2006-2007. At that time, akiko was working as the GMO (genetically manipulated organisms) issue campaigner for Greenpeace and organised several events around food/environment/health and informing people about the reality of GMO and how cultivation of GMO-crops are damaging nature. keiko joined one of the events called “True Food Market” and played some music there.

That was the first time keiko and akiko met, and after that we met again because we wanted to know more about each other. Soon we discovered that we are very similar, the way we think, the way we talk, the way we express, even though we do not look like each other, we felt we are like sisters.

Since then, keiko and akiko have been communicating and sharing our discoveries of life. In summer 2010, akiko was in Japan to visit family, and also spent many days with keiko and did some gathering with women.

In autumn 2011, keiko decided to visit akiko in Sweden. We will be updating our adventure in Europe through this website.

Thank you for visiting, and see you!

keiko and akiko

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